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 Wet Care Services

Posh Wash Launderette offers an ecological alternative to Dry Cleaning. We have invested into a market-leading technology by Miele called WetCare.

Our ‘Ecological Dry Cleaning’ process uses state of the art equipment to provide professional results when cleaning your especially delicate garments. It uses water, along with specifically designed detergents and fabric conditioners to thoroughly clean items with the utmost care, ensuring their long lifespan.

Not only can WetCare provide better results than traditional dry cleaning, but it is an environmentally friendly process that will not only look after your clothes but also your health. Traditional dry cleaning uses chemicals such as trichloroethylene or perchloroethylene, these are suspected carcinogens as well as air pollutants.


Why choose our Miele Wet Care service? 
  • Over 30 years of experience in the trade
  • MIELE approved Wet Care specialist
  • Eco-friendly services 
  • Both domestic and commercial customers are welcome  
Advantages of WetCare:
  • The use of bio-degradable detergents 
  • Free of dry cleaning chemicals and solvents 
  • Perfect for sensitive skin 
  • Excellent cleaning results and clothes last longer
  • Gentle processing of delicate fabrics 
  • Environmentally friendly process  
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